Oceanside Photo and Telescope Website redesign Mockups: Home, Category, Product and Video Pages. www.optcorp.com. This is an overhaul of the OPT e-commerce website. Everything was a change from the previous website design. OPT offers a lot of products so the navigation got a little tricky. One thing that the previous site design did not have was the search bar visible. Now it is at the top and one of the first things you see. The icons beneath the search bar can get you at any one of these sections quickly and you can narrow your search results by the filter options on the lest hand side of the screen. This is of course the home page.
Below is the category page. As an example, we have the telescope category page. You can filter the type of telescope that you are looking for. All Icons and images and photography I made and shot for the website.
Below is the product page. As an example, we have the telescope product page. We have several views of images, some are animated gifs that make the product spin 360 degrees to see the details of the item.
Below is the video page. This page is dedicated to video explaining how to clean, and care for your telescope along with giving the viewer tricks and tips for the amateur astronomer.
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